Steam Locomotive HL 303

 The first rural railway in Belgium operated in 1885. Back then, trams were pulled by steam locomotives like this HL 303. The locomotive belongs to type 7, dates from 1888, and was designed to pull heavy convoys. It is the oldest still-operating steam locomotive in Belgium! 

The locomotive served in the province of Liège, on the Hoei-Borgworm lines, and later Liège-Warsage. In 1958, the locomotive ended up with the Charbonnages d'Argenteau in Blegny. 
The appearance of the locomotive is very streamlined. Remarkable features are the driver's stations at both ends, providing the driver with a clear view of the track at all times. The fireman, responsible for the boiler and supplying coal and water, remained on the side of the firebox. 
In 1965, the tram was taken over to be displayed in the Rural Railway Museum in Schepdaal. It was then entrusted to ASVI and put back into operation. 
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