On May 24, 1874, the first horse-drawn tram rode out in Ghent, between Ghent-Zuid and the Dampoort. Today, 150 years later, the tram is an indispensable part of the Ghent cityscape. Reason enough to celebrate the trams of the past and present. We will do this for two days, on Saturday, May 18, and Sunday, May 19, in the historic center of Ghent.
  • Come and watch the tram parade on May 19, 2024

Saturday 12.00-18.00
Public rides

 Rides with historic trams departing from Sint-Pieters station to the center, Moscou and Zwijnaarde. You can get on and off at any stop. 

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Sunday 10.30-11.20
Tram parade

 At 10.30 am the tram parade heads towards the Duivelsteen along the historic towers of Ghent.

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Sunday 11.45-17.45
Public rides on diesel and electric trams

Ready to relive the past and discover Ghent at the same time?  Then ride one of the historic trams.

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Sunday 12.00-17.30
Horse tram rides

 All the way back in time? Even before the electric tram?  Then you should definitely take a ride on the horse tram  

Lange Steenstraat,Sint-Niklaasstraat
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Sunday 12.00-18.00

 Feeling like relaxing?

Let your children have fun, enjoy a snack and a drink yourself, visit our historic overhead line car and the extensive book and information stand. Or let yourself be carried away by the on-site entertainment.

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Open from May 17 to September 1
Exhibition 150 years of Ghent tram in the Industry Museum

The temporary exhibition '150 years of Ghent' tells the story of the trams in Ghent and makes clear the impact of the arrival of tram lines on the population. You will become acquainted with the evolution of the tram carriages and the on-board staff, discover traces of disappeared lines in the city and what the tram world looks like behind the scenes.

Minnemeers 10
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