For love of the tram (and the bus)

All activities related to 150 years of tram in Flanders are organised by and for tram enthusiasts. In Flanders, they are represented by META vzw: Mobiliteitserfgoed Tram en Autobus. META vzw aims to preserve, manage and present the rich history and associated heritage of public urban and regional transport to the general public.

META vzw can count on the support of its seven member associations in this regard. These associations consist entirely of voluntary tram and bus enthusiasts committed to the active preservation of tram and bus heritage in Flanders. Thanks to these enthusiasts, we still have a beautiful and representative collection of some 200 trams and buses in Flanders.

The following voluntary associations are part of the META umbrella:

  • Buurtspoorwegmuseum Schepdaal: Schepdaal is home to Belgium's only fully preserved local railway station. Together with heritage partner Herita, the volunteers open up the museum site and take care of the static restoration of several vehicles.
  • Depot 145: This Limburg-based non-profit association manages, restores and restores historic buses. The focus of the association is on bus equipment originating from the eastern part of Flanders.
  • ETG vzw: this association restores, maintains and operates De Lijn's historic Ghent trams.
  • NostalBus: this Bus Heritage Society focuses on the west of Flanders. NostalBus preserves several buses from 1977-1991 and holds several buses from De Lijn's collection.
  • Poldertram vzw: this Antwerp-based non-profit organisation deals with the restoration of old trams.
  • TTO-North Sea asbl: this Tram Heritage Association maintains and operates the historic trams of De Lijn on the Coast.
  • VlaTAM: The Flemish Tram and Bus Museum is located in a listed shed in Antwerp-Berchem. The association is mainly focused on museum activities.
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