Open Summer Tram 216

 For the 1913 World Exhibition, the Ghent tram company ordered three series of open summer trams and a matching series of trailers. This allowed the well-to-do citizens to view the refreshed historic city center during the exhibition. 

After the exhibition, these summer trams were rarely used due to the unpredictable Belgian weather. When there was a need for more and larger vehicles, the summer trams were converted into closed carriages in 1924. This particular tram was given a specific role as a repair tram for the rail service with a built-in workshop. It was painted gray with white stripes. 
In the 1980s, the vehicle was restored to its original condition, eventually finding a new home first at the tram museum in Sint-Pieters-Woluwe and then at the Flemish Tram and Bus Museum in Berchem-Antwerp. In 2004, it made a brief appearance in Ghent during the 100th-anniversary celebration of the electric tram. 
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